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Gloversville Enlarged School District Superintendent Michael Vanyo, right, is pictured alongside Board of Education President Richard Carlson during a previous meeting. Vanyo announced last week that he will be leaving the city school district to take a superintendent position at the Ichabod Crane Central School District later this year.

Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE — Gloversville Enlarged School District Superintendent Michael Vanyo has announced his plan to leave the district at the end of the school year to take a superintendent’s position in another school district.
According to a release, the Ichabod Crane Central School District Board of Education is expected to appoint Vanyo at its March 7 meeting as their next superintendent of schools, effective July 1.
“I have thoroughly enjoyed the past five years in Gloversville working with the faculty, staff, parents, community members, the board of education and especially the students,” Vanyo said in the release. “During the coming months I will work with the board of education to ensure a smooth transition and prepare the district for the upcoming capital project and the planned reconfiguration of our elementary buildings, which will allow the district to better use its educational resources to help students be more successful while addressing declining enrollment and rising operational costs.”
Vanyo said throughout his time in Gloversville he focused on several initiatives to improve the district’s graduation rate including the start of full-day pre-kindergarten, providing free AP exams and college courses at the high school, offering high school credit opportunities at the middle school, enhancing fine arts programs and providing support and resources for extra-curricular activities and interscholastic athletics.
During the last five years, Vanyo also said the district has seen a reduction in suspensions and absences. Two key initiatives were also launched including Literacy Matters, which emphasizes the development of reading, writing, speaking and problem solving skills in all students, and the Results First program, which resulted each year in the district setting district targets and measuring results.
Vanyo has been the superintendent at Gloversville since 2012 and spent five years as the superintendent of the Liberty Central School District. He has also served as the assistant superintendent for business at Liberty and the business administrator for the Lake George and Hoosic Valley school districts and as a state aid and financial planning specialist for Questar III BOCES.
Vanyo started his career as a high school business education teacher for the Argyle and Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school districts.
Several members of the Gloversville Board of Education and administration reflected on Vanyo’s time with the district last week.
Board President Richard Carlson said he believes Vanyo has been a tremendous asset to the district over the past five years.
“We’ve been doing a lot over the last five years to meet the educational needs of the district,” he said. “A lot of these things started under Mike’s tenure here and he has been a major force in moving these initiatives along. He helped lay the ground work that will make our district stronger in the years ahead.”
High School Principal Richard DeMallie said he has learned a lot from Vanyo during his time leading the city school district.
“Mike Vanyo helped us move the needle in Gloversville,” he said. “He provided clear goals and direction to the staff and I’m forever grateful for his tremendous leadership.”
DeMallie said Vanyo focused on the use of data to help develop strategies to achieve goals such as improving the graduation rate within the school district.
“We looked at quarterly data and set our goals based on that information,” he said. “His ability to have us work with data and set goals was exceptional. He really kept us to task to meet those goals and I really appreciated that.”
Board Member Vincent Salvione said although the change in leadership wasn’t expected he believes the district will continue to move forward in the right direction.
“It’s like the continuity of government, the show must go on,” he said.
Members of the board said they aren’t sure which direction they will go in Vanyo’s absence but several highlighted the strong administrative leaders already present within the district, including both DeMallie and Assistant Superintendent Steven Schloicka.
“I know Steve Schloicka has had his hand in everything we have been doing but there are a lot of smart people in this district,” Salvione said. “I think it will be a smooth transition either way.”
Carlson agreed that Gloversville has several strong candidates already within the district but said the final decision would be up to the entire board in the months ahead.
“I think over the past several years we have assembled a very strong administrative team and that is something that is going to benefit this district,” he said. “But it’s really too early to say exactly where we are going.”