Fulton County Express

MAYFIELD — Town of Mayfield Supervisor Richard Argotsinger will face a familiar opponent early next month as he is up for re-election, and town resident Frederick Castiglione will be challenging him for the second time.



Castiglione previously ran for the supervisor position in 2011, but lost to Argotsinger in the primaries. He lost again to Argotsinger in the primaries this year, but will remain on the ballot on the Taxpayers line.
He said the reason he is running is because he’s a taxpayer, and he doesn’t like to see his taxes go up.
“I feel this idea, or this Bunk I should say, of these unfunded mandates taking up more and more of our budget is a very serious issue,” Castiglione said. “If we don’t do something about it, if we let the state come in and tell us what to do — that we should spend more and more of our money in unfunded mandates — what are we going to have for basic Fulton County services? That concerns me.”
Another major issue in town, Castiglione said, is the tax base. He said the town needs to make its taxes competitive with those of Saratoga County.
He said bringing in more people will also bring in new businesses to the area, and bringing in new industries will help bring in more people.
All of this is aimed to prevent taxes from increasing, Castiglione said.
“If taxes keep going up in this county, people can’t afford to live here,” he said. “They’ll just end up going somewhere else where the cost of living is inexpensive. That’s what I stand for. That’s why I’m running for the job. I’m the kind of person who’s not afraid to look the state in the eye and tell them where to go.
“Unfunded mandates are no [good] at all in my opinion. Don’t fund them, don’t support them. The heck with them. It’s gone too far. The state’s gone too far. Somebody’s got to stand up to them. Somebody’s got to grab the bull by the horns. We need a board of supervisors that can unite together and grab that bull by the horns.”


Argotsinger said he believes the town is in good shape and doesn’t have any real serious issues.
He said the town is very stable financially, and the town board has been able to keep taxes relatively low.
“The town board and I work very hard to put out a budget that is, not only responsible as far as services, but it also keeps the tax level at a low rate,” Argotsinger said. “The one thing that I am working on primarily through the county is the Smart Waters project for sewers and water. I would like to see something accomplished particularly in the Vails Mills area. I think it’s a major commercial retail area that we can develop in the Town of Mayfield.”
Argotsinger said he feels like he has done a good job as supervisor during the past two terms, as there are no issues regarding finances nor personnel.
Residents will vote for the supervisor position Nov. 3. Other positions up for election are two board member positions, which three candidates are running for.
The candidates for town board are incumbents Jack Putman and Thomas Ruliffson. Roberta Ricciardi will be the third person on the ballot.
Highway Superintendent Mel Dopp, Republican, will also be running to keep his position against Democratic Challenger Clifton Vickers Jr.
Republicans Dorothy Hart and Marjorie Jones will be running unopposed for their respective positions of town clerk and town justice.