Dusten Rader/Express staff
Members of the Capital Projects Committee meet July 26 at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in the Fulton County Office Building

Express Editor

JOHNSTOWN — Current and future plans for Fulton County were discussed July 26 by members of the Capital Projects Committee.
The group met for its first capital meeting at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in the Fulton County Office Building to review the proposed $12,477,871 Capital Plan for 2018-20.
During the meeting, at least 10 officials were presented with an Open Capital Project Status Form that provided an overview of more than 40 ongoing projects. The form was split into categories based on various county departments ranging from the Planning Board, Civil Defense, and Solid Waste to Facilities and others. The majority of the projects listed on the form are estimated to be completed by 2017 or early 2018.
According to Budget Director and County Auditor Alice Kuntzsch, the form is a new addition to this year’s planning process.
“It basically lets you know all of the capital projects that are currently open and needing work,” Kuntzsch said. “I think that’s a big part of the whole process because we really should know what’s out there before we start continually approving for the future.”
Officials who attended the meeting include: Chairman of the Board Michael Kinowski, Administrative Officer and Clerk of the Board Jon Stead, and Planning Director James Mraz, and others.
After finishing their review of the open project form, the group went on to analyze a draft of the $12.5 million Capital Plan. Minus one line item that does not yet have a price tag — an electric service project slated for Tryon Technology Park currently in negotiations with National Grid — the draft comes in significantly lower than the $18.6 million 2017-19 Capital Plan.
The committee will meet again on Aug. 31 at 1:30 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Chambers to continue working on a final draft of the plan that is slated to be finalized and submitted to the Finance Committee in September. During an October Board of Supervisors meeting, the plan is expected to be approved and a public hearing scheduled for November.

The proposed Capital Plan for 2018-20 includes more than 40 expenditures totaling $12.5 million.
Much of the discussion on plan items revolved around work at Tryon Technology Park, and SMART Waters initiatives at Hales Mills and Vail Mills development areas. Economic Development spending for the combined projects total $2,340,100.
Other items include:
• County Civil Defense and Fire Coordinator Steve Santa Maria, submitted a plan for a $914,571 project to implement a VHF Analog Simulcast System that would allow dispatchers to broadcast to all four of the county’s cell phone towers at once.
• Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost proposed $650,000 for central air conditioning for the Fulton County Office Building and LED lighting and drive motors for the Fulton County Correctional Facility.
• The Fulton County Department of Solid Waste has proposed $1,440,000 for work projects and various equipment purchases.
• Fulton-Montgomery Community College has proposed $3,052,000 worth of maintenance, construction and renovation projects.
• Included in the total is $100,000 for a marketing campaign for the county. According to Mraz, the campaign would seek to address two trends occurring in the county: an aging population and a declining workforce. The goal of the campaign would be to attract people to come and work in Fulton County. Mraz said he hopes to get a matching grant from National Grid to attribute $200,000 to the campaign.