Fulton County Express

NORTHVILLE— The village of Northville Comprehensive Plan Committee has been working to create a vision for how the community should look in the next 20 years.
Last week, the committee held a public hearing to discuss the draft comprehensive plan at the Northville Central School District. The committee is looking to schedule a follow-up meeting the week of Feb. 13 to address the public’s comments. The official date will be advertised once it has been determined, according to village clerk Wendy Reu.
The draft will eventually be sent to to the Village Board who will hold a public hearing before any vote takes place.
The board created the committee in 2014 to update the existing comprehensive plan, which was created in 1990. The draft plan contains recommendations of steps the village should take to reach the 20 year vision.
According to the draft, the vision will feature a low property tax rate and proactive government. They would like to include affordable housing for seniors and young families, as well as maintain a strong school district. According to the plan, year-round tourism should remain the most vital and integral component of the village’s economy. They hope to be recognized for their recreational activities such as the Northville-Lake Placid Trailhead, boating on the Great Sacandaga Lake and snowmobiling.
“The village’s tourism based economy, quaint and historical atmosphere, natural resources, year round outdoor recreational opportunities, affordable housing for all ages and incomes, low tax rates, educational and cultural resources and excellent emergency services will continue to make Northville an attractive place to raise a family, visit and do business,” according to the draft.
The committee held 20 meetings between Aug. 2014 and Nov. 2016 to discuss issues faced by the village and plans to remediate them, according to the draft. Members are village, planning and zoning board members as well as community members.
The committee issued a public survey to residents and students to receive community input. Existing business owners also met to discuss the village. The survey, which consisted of eight questions, was sent within the May 2015 water bill. There was also copies of the survey at the village hall, library and in the the participation in government class at the Northville Central School. A total of 121 people responded, outside of the Northville senior class. Questions ranged from things you like about the village, to what should be changed or improved and what is missing from the local economy.
The draft contains chapters on economic development, transportation, land use, housing and recreation. It goes into detail about economic trends, population and potential development opportunities.
The comprehensive plan is available for viewing on the village website.