By Carla Kolbe
Express Editor

BROADALBIN – Moms are making a difference. Not exactly a new concept, but a relatively new group of moms who have set up a non-profit organization to help local families in need.
Moms are Making a Difference include Antonella Cassella, Karen Deuel, Susan Dygon, Nikki Green, Pamela Purdy, Sheri Spraker and Jes Vonberd. All moms living in the Broadalbin-Perth Central School district who want to make a difference and an impact on their community’s families in need.
Monday, April 18, a sold out chicken parmesan dinner was held at Nicolino’s Vino/Wine Bar to raise funds for four local families facing hardships. More than 400 tickets were sold, with walk-in orders being accepted at the door.
During the event, t-shirt sales, a bake sale and basket raffle were presented, all to raise funds for Nikki Preston, Molly Briggers, Judy Bickmeyer and Savannah Stockight, local community members facing difficult times in their lives.
Preston, a mother of four, was diagnosed with colon cancer that now has spread through her bones and her brain, while Biggers, a Broadalbin-PerthHigh School senior, has thoracic insufficiency syndrome, which means there is not enough room in her thoratic region to support her organs.
Stockight is a 9-year-old fourth-grader fighting aplastic anemia, and Bickmeyer is a Broadalbin mother of three fighting leiomyosarcoma cancer, which has spread to her liver and lungs.
“We just felt we had to do something” said mom Nikki Green. “We want to keep expanding to help these families, and others in our community.”
This past weekend, a bowling benefit was held at Kelly’s Imperial Lanes with proceeds going to the four families.
For more information on Moms are Making a Difference, call (623) 363-6524 or go to Moms are Making a Difference on Facebook.