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Downtown Development Specialist Jennifer Jennings has scheduled a new Twilight Market in downtown Gloversville.

Fulton County Express

GLOVERSVILLE — Downtown Development Specialist Jennifer Jennings has been on the job for about two months and is already making big plans for downtown Gloversville.
The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth hired Jennings in January to take on the task of helping the city of Gloversville redevelop the downtown business district. Jennings said she has spent the past several months getting to know the downtown business owners and leaders within city government.
“I have been really busy meeting people and planning big events for later this year,” she said. “We will have something going on in the city’s downtown from March to November.”
She said she is already planning to create a new event that would increase foot traffic for the businesses in the downtown corridor.
The Fulton County Center for Regional Growth has announced the creation of a new summer Twilight Market. The monthly event will occur from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. the second Friday of the month from July through September.
Jennings said this family friendly event will consist of a farmers market and themed monthly activities. She said the Twilight Market is a producer-only market and preference will be given to farms and food producers within a 50-mile radius of Gloversville.
“The Twilight Market will be a wonderful addition to downtown,” Jennings said. “We expect to have fifteen vendors each month along with fun activities up and down Main Street for the entire community. The summer-long event is meant to bring people downtown and give them a reason to stay downtown on a Friday night.”
According to a release, vendor applications are now open and will run through March 31, 2017. A full list of accepted vendors will be available in early May.
Jennings said having the evening events will create needed foot traffic and encourage local businesses to stay open into the evening hours.
“Each event will have a particular theme that will include activities, entertainment and contests for the community to enjoy,” she said. “I also think having more people in the downtown during the evening hours will get our local businesses to remain open a little longer.”
The CRG and city of Gloversville previously decided to hire an expert to help develop and promote the downtown corridor. The new position has tasked Jennings with marketing, grant writing, promoting and organizing the downtown for various community events.
Some of the projects Jennings will seek includes: the creation of new eateries and bars in the downtown corridor, new retail and internet-based businesses, new lodging options, filling vacant storefronts and organizing new public festivals or activities.
She said she is currently looking at additional grant opportunities the city or businesses could pursue to help with the redevelopment of the downtown. Jennings said the strengths of the city include beautiful architecture, solid infrastructure and plenty of store front opportunities available to interested businesses.
“Gloversville has a really strong historical identity and we are looking to use thoughts from the past to transition to a better future,” she said. “We don’t want to redevelop the downtown to what it used to be but rather the best it can be today.”