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Cravings Bakery and Cafe Owner Ashley Tauss, left, stands with co-owner Rania Alaytah, in front of the display case.

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GLOVERSVILLE — Homemade cakes, cupcakes and cookies are just a few of the tasty treats available at the newly opened Cravings Bakery and Cafe in Gloversville.
Growing up baking with her two grandmothers, Cravings co-owner Ashley Tauss said baking became a love and passion, and she has always dreamed of opening her own bakery. She celebrated that dream as a reality when Cravings held its grand opening on June 21.
“Baking has always been a love through them,” she said of her late grandmothers.
Many of the baked goods made for sale at the bakery, where Tauss’ grandmothers’ recipes.
Prior to opening Cravings with co-owner Rania Alaytah, Tauss baked for her friends and family and worked at a job she says she did not enjoy.
Now two years later, her passion for baking has become her occupation and she is feeding the community she grew up in.
“It soothes you,” Tauss said of baking. “It eases your mind. When you’re feeling stressed you can go do it and it makes you feel good again.”
The choice to open up Cravings at 87 West Fulton St., or formerly known as Choo Choo’s Ice Cream, came from the sentimental value the building held for Tauss as a child when her and her sisters would ride bikes there.
Not allowed inside the building and ordering ice cream through the counter window lead Tauss to view Choo Choo’s as a magical place and her younger self was curious as to what was inside.
“When this building became available just that sentimental feeling behind it — it just seemed perfect,” Tauss said.
During the weekend, Tauss is working on orders for events, such as birthdays. She said her favorite time is during the week when she can experiment making treats, like cupcakes, and be creative.
One of her newest concoctions has been a cupcake take on the samoa, a Girl Scout cookie. The cupcake is a vanilla cake with chocolate, caramel and coconut in the batter and a chocolate frosting with a samoa cookie on top.
Another one of Tauss’ creations is a cupcake based on the candy bar Almond Joy, with the bar inside the cake. To make it, Tauss said it she thought up of all the ingredients in the candy bar to put into the cupcake.
“We’re open to anything,” Tauss said. “We’re open to different ideas, and we’re not afraid to try new things, because usually that’s when you get the best product is when you go outside the box.”
A customer favorite is the cookies and cream cookie with white chocolate and Oreo cookies throughout.
The cookie dough cupcake, topped with a scoop of edible cookie dough frosting, is another favorite.
“It’s just like a scoop of ice cream, you get a scoop of cookie dough,” Tauss said.
Aside from baked goods, Cravings also has a variety of ice creams and drinks, including tea, coffee, lattes and hot chocolate.
Cravings’ hours are Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. For more information call 518-752-5390.

Winnie Blackwood/For the Express Cookie dough cupcakes topped with edible cookie dough frosting is a favorite among customers.

Winnie Blackwood/For the Express
Cookie dough cupcakes topped with edible cookie dough frosting is a favorite among customers.