Express Editor

JOHNSTOWN — The Capital Projects Committee has finalized the $12,277,871 Capital Plan for 2018-20.
The group gathered Aug. 31 for its second capital meeting at the Board of Supervisors Chambers in the Fulton County Office Building to review the proposed plan and make any adjustments before setting a public hearing for November.
During the committee’s first meeting held in July, the group scheduled the Aug. 31 date to amend the plan to reflect four changes as well as to meet with requested guests Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost and County Civil Defense and Fire Coordinator Steve Santa Maria.
The major changes include: the addition of a late $300,000 sewer project for the Village of Mayfield that will provide required infrastructure for a proposed hotel; and a $440,000 economic development infrastructure project related to the Tryon Development Area was moved to 2019.
The committee expressed concern about state grant funding that isn’t yet secured for both Santa Maria and Yost’s projects and asked for further justification for both.
Santa Maria attended the meeting to clarify questions the committee had regarding a plan for a $914,571 project and $407,000 state grant to implement a VHF Analog Simulcast System that would allow dispatchers to broadcast to all four of the county’s cell phone towers at once. The committee told Santa Maria to move forward with the plan after his explanation of why operationally it would be helpful.
Yost also attended the meeting to discuss a proposed $650,000 for central air conditioning for the Fulton County Office Building and LED lighting and drive motors for the Fulton County Correctional Facility. Yost said he was fairly certain state grant funding would come through, and explained why the updates were critical.
After making a final review of the plan, a motion was approved to accept the changes. The draft the committee approved comes in significantly lower than the $18.6 million 2017-19 Capital Plan. The finalized draft is expected to be submitted to the Finance Committee in September.