For the Express

BROADALBIN — Students in the Broadalbin-Perth Central School District will see several changes throughout the district in the upcoming year.
One of the biggest updates is occurring at Broadalbin-Perth High School, which will move from a traditional eight period day to a block scheduling system.
“Instead of kids taking eight classes every single day, they’re going to be in four classes one day and a different four classes the next day,” B-PCSD Communications Specialist Michele Kelley said.
According to Kelley, this approach to adolescent education is something that has been researched extensively in the last few years. Teachers and students have already had the opportunity to test the new structure with multiple trial days. Although students return on the first Thursday after Labor Day, classes won’t actually begin until Monday, Sept. 11. In doing so, students will have the chance to meet with teachers, find their classrooms and change their schedules during the first two days back on campus.
“Part of it is a push toward more project-based learning and more hands-on learning. With our old schedule, we only had about 42 minutes per class period and there were a lot of transitions during the day. Now we’re going to have closer to 80 minutes per class period,” Kelley said. “There will just be more time to really dig into projects inside the classroom.”
Aside from new athletic director, Matt Ehrenreich, Kelley noted that no other major changes were made at the administrative level for the impending year.
In terms of physical changes, Kelley stated that the district is now in phase one of its capital project at the Broadalbin-Perth Intermediate School.
“We’re currently wrapping up a major expansion of the parking lot at that facility. When it’s done, we’ll have more than double the number of spots we used to have. It’s also going to have separate parking spots for faculty, staff, parents and visitors,” Kelley said.
Also being added to the facility is a long access road from Route 107 into the new parent and visitor lot due to chronic issues during pickup and drop off times.
“Previously, we’ve had traffic dumping out onto Route 107 which causes some major problems,” Kelley said. “We’re hoping to keep traffic going because that’s obviously a very busy road.”
It is anticipated that parking lot construction will be finished during the final week of August.
The access road from Route 126/Pine Street at the back entrance of the campus will also be slightly redirected in the next phase of construction work.
“We’ll be addressing parking at the Broadalbin campus. It’s a precursor to that,” Kelley said.
Ongoing work behind Broadalbin-Perth High School will also continue on the new baseball and softball fields, with varsity fields being ready for play this upcoming spring. Later this fall, the track surrounding the new turf at Patriot Field will be resurfaced. Junior varsity fields are presumed to be ready for spring 2019.
Phase two projects aren’t expected to start until next summer.