Photo submitted – Meghan Davidson (Fowler), a native of Mayfield who graduated in 2008, and her husband, Matt Davidson, stand with their daughter.

Express Editor

A Mayfield native and her family are grieving after an extremely rare accident.
Meghan Davidson (Fowler), a native of Mayfield who graduated in 2008, the daughter of Bill and Sonia Fowler, was struck by lightning on June 29 while on a walk in Florida. When it happened, Davidson was nine months pregnant and had a due date of July 6 for her baby boy Owen.
Although she doesn’t remember the details, Davidson has been able to piece together the day from witnesses and family members. She was discovered by a neighbor who heard the strike and found her lying face down in the middle of the street. The neighbor told her when he approached her, he could smell burning hair and flesh.
Davidson said she has since healed and all that remains are scars, but that the burns were substantial.
News reports confirmed a fast moving storm that caused lightning strikes across the state, but neighbors described the sky only having a few clouds, no rain, thunder or lightning.
Davidson and her husband, Matt, live in Florida where they operate a Personal Training Studio. The Davidsons have two children together, 2 and 15 months old, and their third, Owen, was born on June 29. Owen passed away two weeks later due to suffering a lack of oxygen after Meghan Davidson was struck by lightning. She and Owen were without oxygen for about 10 minutes before first responders arrived.
“I was about a week away from my due date,” Davidson said. “I don’t remember anything from that day. The last thing I remember is probably a week before the accident. I was in the hospital for about a week after, and I don’t remember any of that either. Now I can remember the day I was discharged. I was confused, sore and the biggest thing on my mind was trying to get to Owen because he was also in the hospital at the same time.”
Davidson said in some ways she is absolutely glad she doesn’t remember. Doctors performed an emergency caesarean section while she was in an induced coma for five days and Owen was kept on oxygen. His vitals were good, but the MRI of his brain showed little to no activity.
“Decisions had to be made upon that, which my husband and I made together — it was extremely difficult,” Davidson said. “We weren’t preparing for him to pass away, we were more thinking that we would prepare for a child with a disability. When he passed it was a bit of a shock to us.
“We believe that God’s plan is completely sovereign over everything,” Davidson said. “I know that he has a plan for my life, and that he had a plan for Owen’s life. He knew just how many lives Owen’s story would touch. I truly believe he is in a better place — he is in heaven and that’s what keeps us going.”
Davidson said the motherly instinct in her makes her want to try to have another child in the future.
A poker run benefit for the Davidson family is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 16. Registration is set for 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Johnstown Dunkin Donuts. All vehicles are welcome to participate. Registration is $10, and the poker ante is $10. The locations of the poker run include: Dick and Pegs, Old Trail, and Captain Nautis. The last stop is Russo’s in Broadalbin, where food and raffles will be held from 2 to 4 p.m. The Davidson family will be in attendance.
“We’re super excited for it,” Davidson said.
A GoFundMe has also been set up for Davidson at A benefit was also held in Fort Myers by the community.
“I’m so grateful,” she said. “The outpouring of love here in Fort Myers and back home has been overpowering for us — it’s been incredible.”